"Drink what you like, not what people tell you to drink." -HWG

Do you find the huge universe of wine befuddling, nonsensical and generally not worth the effort to unravel? With tongue in cheek and snout in glass HWG might just change your mind.
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HappyWineGuy acquired his lust for wine by accident. En route from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe a seemingly harmless side trip to Napa Valley was to reshape his life and liver in dramatic fashion. It was April, 2001 and after sampling wine at 13 different wineries in one day in 113 degree heat, he was hooked. And schnockered. And had somehow signed up for 4 wine club memberships via bleary eyes and very questionable penmanship. HWG soon began haunting wine tastings of all kinds; retail stores, restaurants, distributors, book clubs and hanging out with like-minded folks who enjoyed sharing wine, food and conversation. Next thing you know HWG is sipping on a consistent basis and being sought out by friends, family, co-workers and other seedy sots who want the 411 on what he has been drinking. Glad to encourage, comfort, counsel and cajole others to “drink what you like” HWG decided to launch his own web site dedicated to the same. Thanks for visiting.